About Us

We are a small neighbourhood bar, and our philosophy is in a song, by Toby Keith - "I Love This Bar".

A first of its kind in Gurgaon, with a complete experience of the 1920's Prohibition Era in America, where you Speakeasy every time you want to come in, Cocktails & Dreams is a bar where you will revisit the golden age of cocktails from top of the line Classics to the New Age Straights, surrounded by the tales of Bootleggers, Rum Runners and Moon-Shiners, in a contemporary yet warehouse like atmosphere; where good service and value for money are the key USPs. This is purely a “Bartender’s Bar”, where not only do you get some world class drinks but also some great conversations if you please. Folks you are most likely to meet at the bar - Yangdup Lama and Minakshi Singh. Yangdup has been in the bartending business for the last seventeen years and is regarded as one of India’s top Bar Gurus. He has contributed to the industry as a Mixologist, Trainer, Consultant and a Cocktail Judge. This CNBC Young Turk, runs a bartending school, beverage consultancy and a mobile bartending company under the banner of Cocktails & Dreams. Speakeasy is an extension of Cocktails & Dreams to bring a completely new beverage experience to the consumer. If you drop in, Yangdup might fix a cocktail just for you! Minakshi Singh is a hotel management graduate and has been in the beverage business for the last eight years, as a bartender initially and then in marketing for liquor companies. She takes care of marketing and communications at the bar. You might meet her serving guests in the evening!

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